Candlelight House Walk, Friday evening, December 2, 2022


PREORDERED tickets may be picked up at the museum starting Tuesday, November 29th between 12-5 or at the museum the night of the House Walk and orders must be received by November 30th. Ticket donation is $30.00, payable in advance, cash or check, no refunds.

This is the society’s main fund-raiser and the money is used for scholarships, preservation, children’s projects, genealogy, museum expenses, research and for the library every year. If you have any question or need additional tickets, please call the museum at

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Select Frankfort homes will be decorated for the holidays..certain to put us in the mood for Christmas. As an added highlight, the Frankfort Arts Association will host an “Open House,” so be sure to catch up on all their upcoming exhibits and activities! Warm up for a few minutes at this special stop where light refreshments will be offered. FAHS appreciates the FAA’s support and participation! View the lights and Christmas decorations on vour visit to downtown Frankfort!!

CD & ME owners, Chuck JaBaay and Dean Vaudry (see Map) have invited us to stop in. While here, have a specially-priced Holiday Cocktail, view their Winter Wonderland and listen to some Christmas music.

There will be plenty of time to stop at the museum during your tour to view the exhibits and sample some homemade Christmas cookies. John Clavio, Frankfort Attorney and Village Trustee, will again be baking delicious cookies for us along with Enrico’s famous Wassail donated by Harry D’Ercole, Jr. The museum carries unique gift items that would make wonderful Christmas presents: our new Frankfort’s Favorite Christmas Cookies Cookbook featuring recipes by John Clavio and Joanne Warning, note cards, wooden buildings, the 2022 ornament (past years too), our beautiful “Fragments of Frankfort” book, and Images of America – Frankfort, by Rachel Gilmore.

Many shops and restaurants will also be open on Friday evening. Walk along Kansas, Elwood, Old Frankfort Way, Oak, Ash, Nebraska and White Streets for some Christmas shopping.


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