Howell – New Lenox Airport

According to the article “Airport Owner Ahead of His Time” in the 4/25/90 Chicago Tribune (courtesy of Matt Valleau),

“In 1962 John Arnold felt there was a need for a small airport in the then-quiet but growing south suburbs & came across a plot of farm land in Frankfort.”
”I felt the area would really expand-which it definitely has over the years,” he says. ”And the way this property was laid out was perfect for an airport.”
The article continued, “Arnold initially purchased 23 acres in 1962 & built a single-story office building, a 10-stall hangar & a sod runway.
On 9/7/64 he held the grand opening for the Frankfort Airport.”
The earliest depiction which has been located of Frankfort Airport was on the May 1965 Chicago Sectional Chart.
It depicted Frankfort Airport as having a 2,500′ unpaved runway.

Matt Valleau recalled, “Frankfort is the airport I started flying out of when I was 2 years old.”